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Kids with Capes

Other Available Therapy Services

Does your child need OT?

Occupational therapists take a holistic approach to help your child gain their independence, while strengthening the development of fine motor,  sensorimotor (sensory processing), and visual motor skills that help your child to socialize, play and function. 

  • Is your child a picky eater?

  • Does he have trouble focusing and buzzes around like a little bee?

  • Does he lack safety awareness?

  • Does he have messy handwriting?

In-person and Virtual Services Available in NJ

Located in Cape May County, NJ. Occupational therapy Services are available in-person or virtual, call for more information to On The Spot Therapy Center.

(609) 545-0500

Social Skill Groups

Happily, we began our Social Skills Groups last month (March 2022)

in-person Cape May County, New Jersey at

On the SPOT Therapy Center. 

Go directly to our therapy center website, click the action button below!


  • Our services are based on naturalchild-led, child motivated play

  • Coaching

  • Strengths-based (rather than disability-based)

  • Intervention therapy

  • Play therapy

Educational Support-

Family Support Advocate

Are you feeling frustrated with your child's current educational program? Is the school not following your child's IEP or 504 plan?

We are able to assist you navigating the IEP process, and special education services with-in your child's school.


  • Developing an action plan for services and resources. 

  • Reviewing school documents and related documents (testing etc).

  • Reviewing Assistive Technology and Current School use.

  • Letter writing to service providers.

  • Developing questions for district on their role in implementing curriculum, accommodations/ modifications, etc.


Free initial phone 15 minute consultation

OT 30 min in-person $55.00

OT 1 hour $100.00

Comprehensive OT evaluation: $400.00


Online Educational Services-

Free initial phone 15 minute consultation

$75.00 per hour (with transparent billing on charges). 

Online 2hr Webinar- Autism Master Class-



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