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Getting an Autism (or Sensory Processing Disorder) diagnosis can be a challenging turning point. We want to be successful parents, but having a child with an Autism diagnosis (or any special needs) can leave us feeling frustrated searching for answers or a little bit alone- where do we go from here? But the reality is, there are people that want to help so you can be the confident parent you were created to be. After all, this is YOUR child, who knows them better, who loves them better, who advocates better... then YOU!

Our mission is to create the harmony you strive for in your family. Our strategies and tools are based on experience, evidence-based and practical methods that can support you, your family and your child. That is why we created this 2 hour information video:

Your GO TO Educational Webinar:
What To Do After the Autism Diagnosis

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Hello There!  I'm Jen... I am here to help.

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YOU have so many questions (and your feel lost).

 Don't know where to start? Start here! Educate About Autism puts the information in one place to guide you.

What supports you may need, tips and strategies about behavior and sensory (and more)... 

Including: (the scoop on the following)...

  • What Does a Diagnosis mean to you?

  • How do I know what supports my child needs?

  • How to Manage Support between siblings.

  • How to talk to your child about their Autism Diagnosis.

  • Creating a Safe Home Environment.

  • Support on Elopement and Wandering

  • What is the scoop with Social Skills groups?

  • How do we improve social skills? 

  • What are the underlying skills needed for communication?

  • Use of Visual Supports with your child.

  • What is the difference between Sensory and Behavior?

  • How to handle Sensory and Behavioral issues.

  • Why are behaviors happening anyway?

  • Positive and Negative Reinforcement.

  • Educational Services and How to Get them Started.
  • Financial Future, including Financial Assistance and Planning.... and more!


The above webinar also contains Bonus downloads for your information: helpful, real life tips & strategies on Improving Transitions, Sensory Activities, Calming Deep Pressure Information and Webinar notes for your quick reference! 

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